As part of the essential gear list for fly fishing we present to you a pair of solid, durable, well-worn Waders, the Cabela’s Premium Breathable Waist-High Waders. A person could spend the entire day fishing from the banks with their fly rod, but honestly this disparages all that is right in the world of fly fishing. The cunning angler is stalking his ‘prey’ like a stealthy grizzly bear, except he is afraid to get his fur wet. That is never how this story should start, or end for that matter. A productive, fun day on the water ALWAYS entails getting in at some point. That’s why we’re presenting a solid, get the job done pair of waders.

We place this right up near the top of essential fly gear, to round out your experience on the water. There are not many instances I can think of when you wouldn’t need waders. Most of us will have a need to get wet at some point, so buying reliable gear to protect us is important.

The Scoop

This review is specifically for: Cabela’s Premium Breathable Waist-High Waders with 4MOST DRY-PLUS (mens). (Site note: women’s equipment appears to have slightly different options which we aspire to review at a later time). These pack a nice punch at a $100 price point, always a plus in our book. Gear is expensive, so finding solid equipment at a lower price point can make a big difference. These will get you some good years out of them too.


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These are made from tough, tightly woven microdenier nylon material. Basically, this stuff does its primary job, keeping you dry.

These waders have 3mm neoprene booties with non-slip grippers on the underside. They have metal clips that can hook to boots to prevent moisture from getting trapped above boots.

Seams are taped for 100% waterproof reliability. As you’re aware, this is the whole purpose of waders. Keeping you dry by preventing water leaks as you trudge through rivers. Personally, my first pair of waders were Bootfoot waders that lasted a total of five outings before the seams around the boots and fabric split. This pretty much renders them useless at this point. Disappointing to say the least, and what you’re trying to avoid. The added seam tape around these waders should protect and prevent cracking for much longer.

What We Like

Listing off all the materials that go into some pair of waders isn’t all that helpful for me personally, but reading customer reviews is basically how I like to decide on virtually all of my purchases. If you aren’t looking to spend $600 on a pair of ‘primo’ chest waders, these Cabela’s Waist-High Waders are a great option for you with and average rating of 4.6/5 Stars on Cabelas website.

As I was deciding on the right selection for me, these were perfect for 95% of the applications I needed them for. Waist-High waders are ideal for the area of the country that I primarily fish. Most rivers I wade aren’t any deeper than 3 to 4 feet, and there is a lot of silt bottom here that feels more like walking in quicksand. Getting much deeper than my waist isn't the norm. If you are commonly fishing deep, fast rivers, your needs may be different. It never hurts to have multiple styles either, but here at Fly Fish Finder we try to promote sensical purchases to get the most for your hard earned money. And you’ll feel warm inside knowing you can still catch fish without the most expensive gear. We highly recommend these Cabela’s Premium Breathable Waist-High Waders as both your primary waders, especially for those new to the sport. We also highly recommend them as secondary waders for those that already own a pair of chest waders and do a good amount of summer wading trips. It gets buggy, hot and humid in those summer months, and if your not wet wading, then waist-highs like these are good to add to your arsenal for sure. These will last years if you treat them right. We couldn’t recommend them more. Happy fishing and stay dry!

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